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Neighborhood Speed Management Program Traffic Calming Project Investigation

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    The applicant submitting the application will also be designated as the Citizen Project Coordinator throughout the duration of the project approval process. The duties and responsibilities of the Citizen Project Coordinator include being a contact point for City Staff, assisting in communicating updates to impacted residents, and is responsible for collecting any required petitions if needed. 

    The Traffic Engineering Division will need to review all accessible data, conduct a speed study, and gather traffic volume counts to determine if there is an apparent safety problem. Each study will be conducted for a minimum of six days. Speed radar trailers are typically placed in front of the Citizen Project Coordinator’s home. If requested by a neighborhood association or citizen group, we may contact the applicant to make necessary arrangements. 

    The Traffic Engineering Division will also provide the applicant a copy of the studies and reason for ineligibility should it be determined that the location is not appropriate for a physically altering traffic calming measure or if the concerns can be addressed in another form. If the area is eligible, the applicant will be contacted and advised of the next steps in the application process.

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