Health Division

Health is a division of the Planning & Development Services Department of the City of Mesquite.  This division performs ordinance enforcement for the purpose of preventing foodborne illness and protecting public health.


The Health Division conducts random quarterly health inspections for food establishments, daycares, and schools.  This division is also responsible for permitting and inspecting apartment, home owner's association and hotel/motel swimming pools.  Other duties include permitting and inspecting mobile vendors, liquid waste haulers, food vendors participating in temporary events, investigating smoking complaints, inspecting foster homes and mosquito control.


The City of Mesquite Health Division is dedicated to providing safe, clean, and disease-free food establishments for the dining community. Accomplishing this requires:

  • Emphasizing prevention, suppression, and control of communicable and infectious diseases
  • Providing quick and courteous responses to service requests
  • Establishing cooperative working relationships with food establishments
  • Providing education in proper food handling techniques and foodborne illness prevention measures

The responsibility and accountability for achieving these objectives is shared by each staff member. Each employee is responsible for performing their job duties to reach these objectives.