Housing and Community Services

The Department of Community Services for the City of Mesquite is comprised of several business units that provide health and human services and support to our residents in Mesquite.

The mission of the Mesquite Housing and Community Services Department is:
Connecting, Improving, and Inspiring!

While not in the "traditional format" of a mission statement, our team felt like this phrase was a good summation of what we do each day.  We also know three words are easier to remember than a long statement. Below are some of the detailed thoughts behind the creation of our tag line. 

  1. Connecting – one of the main purposes of the Housing and Community Services Department is to connect residents with the resources they need.
  2. Improving – we believe that by connecting people with the assistance they need, we will have helped to improve their quality of life, as well as the quality of life for the entire community.
  3. Inspiring – we also believe that by connecting people to resources and improving our residents’ quality of life, our staff will inspire a culture of helping others that is contagious throughout the entire city of Mesquite.
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