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Adopt-A-Spot Location Request

  1. JHHS Environmental Helpers 2021
  2. Adopt - A - Spot Status*
  3. Please enter your organization name EXACTLY as you would like it to appear on your ADOPT-A-SPOT Sign.

  4. ADOPT-A-SPOT Location

    I would like to adopt the following location (please select your top 2 choices):

  5. If your organization is interested in adopting a location that is not currently listed as available, submit your suggestion to Keep Mesquite Beautiful and we will review it for adoption. 

  6. Pending approval of location, your group agrees to the following:
    • Adopt the chosen area for 2 years.
    • Conduct cleanups of litter in the adopted area at least six times per year.
    • Submit timely online reports about all cleanups to Keep Mesquite Beautiful to maintain good standing in the program.
    •  Sign the Adopt-A-Spot Agreement established by Keep Mesquite Beautiful and the City of Mesquite.
  7. Pending approval of location, Keep Mesquite Beautiful agrees to the following:
    • Coordinate the installation of your sign.
    • Provide your group with free supplies and safety guidelines, by request, if needed.
  8. Keep Mesquite Beautiful Round Logo
  9. Mesquite Clean City Initiative Logo
  10. Acknowledgement *

    I have read the above and attached Adopt-A-Spot Contract and I understand all of its terms and I sign voluntarily and with full knowledge of its legal consequences.

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