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  1. Citizens' Fire Academy Application
  2. Emergency Contact Information

    Please utilize the Citizen Self Service Portal to complete Emergency Contact Information. Indicate the persons that the Mesquite Fire... More…

  3. Fire Safety & Prevention Presentation Request

    Request a presentation to your group on fire prevention and safety.

  4. Firefighter Candidate Required Information Form

    The Firefighter Candidate Required Information Form is a detailed personal history, required as a part of your application for... More…

  1. Contact the Chief

    Do you have a question for the Fire Chief? Would you like to provide feedback on the Mesquite Fire Department (positive or negative)?... More…

  2. Fire Inspection Request

    Request a fire inspection for Assisted Living, Daycare, Foster Care, Medical Facility, and Nursing Homes.

  3. Fire Station Visit / Fire Truck Visit Your Event Request

    Request a Fire Station Tour or to have Fire Equipment visit your special event.

  4. Freedom Park

    Freedom Park Water Billing donation form