Do I need to register my Fire Alarm or Medical Alarm?

No registration is required for medical alarms. The City of Mesquite does require that fire alarms in commercial buildings be registered. This includes all buildings except single-family residential dwellings. A nonrefundable permit fee of $50.00 per alarm site with one fire alarm control unit is required for the issuance of a permit.  If an alarm site has multiple fire alarm control units, a nonrefundable fee of $50.00 for the first alarm control unit and $10.00 for each additional fire alarm control unit is required.  A permit is issued for one year and must be renewed annually by payment of the required fee.  A new fee and permit is required upon a change in ownership or change in occupancy of the property.  A new owner or occupant of a building with a fire alarm is required to obtain a new permit. This includes both fire alarms that are monitored and fire alarms that only sound on the premises. Owners of fire alarms in commercial buildings are also required to have their alarm systems inspected by a fire alarm technician once each year, and records of the inspection, testing and maintenance shall be maintained at the fire alarm site and available for inspection with the consent of the permit holder or other authorized representative.  The owners of all fire alarms, both registered commercial and non-registered residential, are subject to fines for excessive false alarms or for failure to properly maintain a fire alarm system. Contact the Fire Marshal's office at (972) 216-6267 for further information.

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