I have a metal meter box with a locking lid. I can't get to the valve to shut off my water.
The City of Mesquite currently uses a metal meter box which is much more durable and practical than plastic or concrete boxes. The box locks to protect the city-owned meter and cut off valve. This is the industry standard in use by most communities. It is a violation of City Code for anyone to tamper with the city-owned valve, meter or line within the city right-of-way.

Section 16-6 of the City Code states "It shall be unlawful for any person to tamper with or interfere in any manner with any water meters, service mains, standpipes or any other utilities division property."

The valve located in the meter box is the property of the Utilities Division and is easily damaged by those not acquainted with its operation. Most homes have a cut-off valve belonging to the property owner located next to the foundation. In many cases these valves are difficult to locate. They are approximately 18" deep and were installed with a valve extension to ground level which eventually rusted away or broke off. Property owners may choose to excavate the valve and place a plastic valve box over it (available at any home improvement center) for ease of use in the future. Customers may call 972-216-6278 for water cut-off and reconnect at the city meter box. During normal working hours Utilities personnel can often make a cut-off or reconnect within one hour of notification. During off hours this will take longer than during normal operating hours.

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20. I have a metal meter box with a locking lid. I can't get to the valve to shut off my water.