What about chlorine in the drinking water?
The City of Mesquite does not maintain a "free chlorine" residual in the drinking water. The NTMWD uses "chloramines" for water disinfection, leaving a chloramine residual behind for secondary disinfection of water in the distribution system. In other words there is a chloramine product in the water which is available to disinfect anything that might enter the system after initial treatment.

Chlorine alone was found to bind with other materials to produce a biproduct considered to be carcinogenic in nature. Chloramines are formed by combining chlorine and ammonia before injection to the water. This combination stabilizes the chlorine greatly reducing the production of carcinogens, thus meeting Federal Drinking Water rules. In addition, this combination lasts much longer in the system for secondary disinfection.

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12. What about chlorine in the drinking water?
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