Special Services

Your library is more than just books. These additional services are provided by the Mesquite Public Library System.

Audio Books
Books recorded on compact disc or audio cassette are available at both library locations. There is something for everyone. Use your daily commute to listen to an audio book or listen while you exercise. Choose a favorite book on CD for the family driving vacation. The library also offers a growing collection of Playaways-small, portable devices preloaded with a popular audiobook. For listening on the go, that much and more is available in the Mesquite Public Library System’s collection.

Closed-Captioned Videocassettes and DVDs  
The library maintains a collection of closed-captioned videos and DVDs for use by those with a hearing impairment. These are identified by distinctive labels on the video boxes.

Computer Classes
Classes covering computer-related topics are available at the Main Library and at the North Branch Library. You can take a basics class that will teach you how to use a mouse and navigate Microsoft Windows or take a class and learn the basics of Microsoft Word. These and other computer classes are provided at no charge. Registration is required. Check the Calendar of Events for classes, dates, times and locations.

Outreach Services
Mesquite Public Library System endeavors to bring the library experience to the community through its outreach services. Library materials are available for extended use to nursing homes, retirement communities, senior citizen centers and day care facilities. On a limited basis, librarians may provide book reviews to senior centers as well.

Contact our reference librarians at 972-216-6224 (Mesquite Main Library) or 972-681-0465 (Mesquite North Branch Library) for more information. For children’s groups, day cares or schools, our Children’s librarians can bring a storytime to your location. Call 972-216-6226 (Mesquite Main Library) or 972-681-0465 (Mesquite North Branch Library) for more information.

Assignment Alert  
If you are a Mesquite ISD teacher, let the library help your classes successfully complete their assignments. The Assignment Alert form helps us to help you and your students. By submitting this form to us, we will be able to direct students to specific resources to help complete their work, and insure that relevant materials will be available and can be set aside for your students.