City Ordinances

Rabies Vaccination:

Each dog and cat must be vaccinated by a licensed veterinarian upon reaching the age of four (4) months and revaccinated annually. 

Number of Animals:

Residents are limited to three (3) adult dogs plus one (1) litter of puppies up to six (6) months of age for a maximum of ten (10) dogs. Residents may also have up to three adult (3) cats.

Animal Confinement:

Pets must be confined by a fence or tether (leash) of sufficient strength to prevent the animal’s escape. If left outdoors, pets must have access to water and shelter at all times. Animals found confined in a cruel manner may be seized.

Animal Nusiances:

It is unlawful to keep an animal in such a manner that it creates a nuisance by reason of excessive noise (barking), odors, flies, disease, or unsightly appearance.

Exotic, Wild and/or Dangerous Animals:

 Exotic, wild, or dangerous animals are prohibited. Examples include, but are not limited to: any poisonous or dangerous reptile, skunks, foxes, leopards, panthers, tigers, lions, lynx, or any other animal for which there is no approved rabies vaccine.

Livestock, including poultry and fowl:

May not be kept in residential areas. Horses and ponies may require a special exception. Please visit the Planning and Zoning website for more details.