Trap-Neuter-Return and Feral Cats

The City of Mesquite supports the practice of Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) as an effective solution to address the free-roaming cat population in Mesquite.  TNR is the practice of humanely trapping free-roaming cats, sterilizing, vaccinating against rabies, ear-tipping and releasing them back into their community.  By returning the sterilized cats back into the community, the population stabilizes and no new kittens can be born.  Also, nuisance behaviors often subside with sterilization.  Over time, the feral cat population decreases on its own.

Managed Colonies
Colonies of TNR cats are typically overseen by colony Caretakers.  Caretakers work with Animal Services Staff to monitor the status and numbers of cats in a feral cat colony, ensure the ongoing health of the cats, provide food, water and proper shelter from inclement weather.  
Neighborhood Cats
If you are only dealing with a limited number of cats in and around your home, you may apply for a trapping permit to trap the cats and bring them to Mesquite Animal Services to have them sterilized at no cost to you. Animal Services Officers will release the sterilized and ear-tipped cats back to your neighborhood after they have been sterilized.

You can rent a trap from Mesquite Animal Services for free. We do ask for a $50.00 deposit by cash or check for the trap. This deposit is returned to you once you return the trap.

Trapping permits must be completed at the shelter at 1650 Gross. Rd.  Call 972-216-6283 for more information.