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Here are some reminders about how to be "pet friendly" in Mesquite and avoid any violation of these regulations which could result in fines and impoundment of the animal. For complete details, view City Ordinance No. 4547.

Animal Confinement

Pets must be confined by a fence of sufficient strength, height and durability to prevent the animal’s escape. Chain-link kennels must be 100 square feet for one dog and 30 additional square feet for each additional dog (effective July 1, 2018). If left outdoors, pets must have access to water and shelter at all times. Any pet in an unconfined yard or being walked on a public street or in a park must be on a leash and in control of the owner at all times. Animals found confined in a cruel manner may be seized. 

Inclement Weather Requirements: Effective July 1, 2018

In addition, dogs may not be left outside when a Freeze Warning or Heat Warning has been issued by the National Weather Service; or a hurricane, tropical storm or tornado warning has been issued by the National Weather Service. 

No Unattended Tethering Permitted: 

Effective July 1, 2018

Tethering of dogs is prohibited unless the owner is physically present within the outdoor area where the dog is tethered; the dog is in view of the owner at all times; and the tether shall not:

  1. Be less than five times the length of the dog, as measured from the tip of the dog's nose to the base of the dog's tail;
  2. Be less than 10 feet;
  3. Be greater than 10 percent of the dog's weight;
  4. Be attached by means of a pinch-type, prong-type or choker-type collar of by a collar that is unsafe or not properly fitted;
  5. Inhibits the dog's free movement or causes injury or entanglement;
  6. Be used on a dog under six months of age;
  7. Be used if the dog does not have access to shade, dry shelter and a tip-proof water supply; or
  8. Be used if the length of the tether allows the dog to touch the fence or cross the property line or cross onto a public easement.

Animal Nuisances

It is unlawful to keep an animal in such a manner that it creates a nuisance by reason of excessive noise (barking), odors (sanitation of yard), flies, disease, or unsightly appearance.  It is the owner's responsibility to clean animal waste on any private or city owned property immediately.


Any person violating the provisions of City Ordinance No. 4547 is subject to be found guilty of a Class C Misdemeanor and a fine not to exceed $500.00 for each offense. Each day or portion of a day any violation of this ordinance continues will constitute a separate offense.

For more information, call Animal Services at 972-216-6283 or view City Ordinance No. 4547.

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