Be Pet Friendly

Little Girl Walking Dog - Stock Image
Here are some reminders about how to be "pet friendly" in Mesquite and avoid any violation of these regulations which could result in fines and impoundment of the animal.
Animal Confinement:  Pets must be confined by a fence or tether (leash) of sufficient strength to prevent the animal’s escape. If left outdoors, pets must have access to water and shelter at all times. Animals found confined in a cruel manner may be seized.   Any pet in an unconfined yard or being walked on a public street or in a park must be on a leash and in control of the owner at all times.
Animal Nuisances:  It is unlawful to keep an animal in such a manner that it creates a nuisance by reason of excessive noise (barking), odors (sanitation of yard), flies, disease, or unsightly appearance.  It is the owner's responsibility to clean animal waste on any private or city owned property immediately.

For more information, call Animal Services at 972-216-6283.