Water Meter Specifications

  • All water meters, boxes and re-setters will be issued by the City of Mesquite upon payment of all applicable fees. No substitutions will be allowed.
  • A galvanized meter box must be used if the setting will be in any material other than soil.
  • The meter box will be set level with the top of the curb and sidewalk. Where the sidewalk and curb are unleveled, the box will be set at the level that the least amount of risk to a person or mechanical device will occur.
  • The meter box will contain meter, curb stop, meter coupling, and meter re-setter when applicable. No other apparatus or plumbing tie-ins is allowed.
  • Curb stop and meter coupling to yard line will be easily accessible to allow shut on/off and repair when needed.
  • The water meter must be centered in the meter box, free from obstructions or dirt surrounding any of the connections or meter.
  • The meter must be undamaged and in factory working condition. The meter dial (face) must face directly up allowing access for reading or repair.
  • The meter shall not be any closer than 3.5 inches from the top of the box, so freezing will not occur.
  • A meter re-setter must be used if the depth of the meter exceeds 12 inches from the lid ring.
  • The meter must be set at the address it is assigned. Failure will result in the meter being removed by the Meter Services Division, and a penalty fee being accessed prior to return of the meter. This fee will equal the cost of a new meter.
  • When calling for an inspection, the meter must be installed, with the water on, meeting these specifications. Failure to meet these specifications will result in job being red tagged and a re-inspection fee may apply.
Any further questions may be directed to the Meter Services Division at 972-216-6949.