Residential Permit & Plan Submittal Information

A residential building permit application shall be accepted only after the applicant has provided the following information. 

An application lacking any of the required information shall be deemed incomplete and refused for processing. Incomplete applications shall be returned to the applicant. 

Requirements Prior to Applying for Residential Building Permit

 Address assignment
   Zoning approval for proposed use(s)
   Authorized signature from Planning and Zoning
 Engineering Division approval (if applicable)
   City Engineer signature releasing civil designs (if applicable)

 Form ER, Early Release Lots (if applicable)*

Planning and Zoning Division approvals must accompany permit application submittal.

*Form ER applies to new residential subdivisions only.

Residential Permit Application Required Information

✔   Construction site address
✔   Application date
✔   Lot, block and subdivision description
✔   Applicant name and contact phone number
✔   Name of general contractor and contact phone number
✔   Description of proposed structure

 Size and square footage of proposed structure
   Estimated cost of construction
   Applicant's signature and date

A completed Permit Application Form must accompany each permit application submittal.

Residential Permit Application Required Supplemental Documents

Planning and Zoning Approval Form
One (1) set of plans per application. Plans set to include: 

 Architectural Drawings (24" x 36")

 Site Plan (stamped "Approved" by Planning and Zoning)
   Structural Plans (signed by engineer/architect)
   Two (2) foundation plans sealed by engineer (11" x 17")
   Elevation drawings and masonry calculations (11" x 17")
   Special Advisory Regarding the Community Appearance Manual (signed and dated)*

 Narrow wall engineer design
   Two (2) plot plans (8.5" x 11")
   Two (2) foundation letters (signed and sealed by engineer)
   ResCheck calculations
   One (1) Floor Plan for DCAD (11" x 17")

*Required for Multi-Family only 

Fee Assessment and Payment

  • A fee shall not be accepted until the application is complete in all other respects.
  • The Fee Schedule can be found here.