Permit Process

Step 1. Get all Your Questions Answered Before you Start Your Construction Project

The City of Mesquite wants your project to be a success. If you have questions about building heights, property setbacks, or zoning, you may contact the Planning Department at 972-216-6216. For those questions related to adopted codes, inspection procedures, or required permits submittal information, contact the Building Inspection Division at 972-216-6212.

Step 2. Register for a Citizen Self Service (CSS) account 

Click here to register for a CSS account. This will allow you to submit a building permit online through the CSS system. 

Step 3. Apply for Professional License

A professional license is required before you can obtain a building permit. To obtain a professional license in Mesquite, please visit the Citizen Self Service (CSS). You must be either a licensed contractor or a homeowner who owns a home, lives in the home and homesteads the home through the Dallas Central Appraisal District in order to obtain permits through Citizen Self Service.  

Step 4. Complete Application for a Building Permit

Document the “who, what, where, and how” of your project. Provide drawings or plans of your proposed project as specified on the application form.

Step 5. Building Permit Review Process

Once your application has been submitted and accepted in Building Inspection, they will go through a review process to determine compliance to adopted codes and ordinances. If your project complies and everything is approved, a permit will be issued. If there is a problem, you will be notified and possible solutions may be suggested.

Step 6. Building Permit Issued & Received

A permit fee will be determined based on your individual project. 

Step 7. On-Site Inspection

Inspections are required for all work that requires a permit. These inspections are to ensure your work complies with all codes and ordinances and approved plans. The inspectors that inspect your work are certified in their individual fields to ensure your project is safe and meets all minimum standards.

Step 8. Safe Project

When your project is completed you have the satisfaction of knowing that your project was done right. Enjoy your new surroundings with the peace of mind knowing your project is durable and meets the safety standards of your community.