Residential Energy Code Compliance Guidelines

February 26, 2002

Dear Residential Contractors:

The 2003 International Residential and Energy Conservation Codes become effective April 4, 2002. The provisions will apply to all residential permits requested after that date. Amendments to these two codes are available through the Building Inspection office located at 1515 N. Galloway Avenue.

The attached Residential Energy Code Compliance Form, which is also available on our website, has been created as a guide for designers / builders to satisfy the new energy code requirements. The attached sheet allows four options for compliance with the energy code. The simplified prescriptive approach, component performance approach, systems analysis approach and the energy performance approach are all methods that may be utilized to gain compliance. A completed Compliance Form should be submitted with each permit application.

The Department of Energy will provide a free residential computer program called MECcheck that may be used with the Component Performance Approach that simplifies the code compliance process. The MECcheck software may be downloaded from their website. The city will also consider other programs on the market today such as Energy Star once officially approved by Texas Energy Systems Laboratory of Texas A&M as required by Senate Bill 5. The city reserves the right to locally modify the program regarding the number and types of inspections.

When designing your compliance package, a Solar Heat Gain Coefficient of 0.4 and a U-factor of 0.65 for glazing will be the most critical part of your design package. Secondly, the attic ductwork must be rated at least R-5 and all joints sealed with approved mastics or UL 181 adhesive tape.

The City of Mesquite wants your building experience to be both productive and cost effective. The entire Building Inspection staff looks forward to assisting you in every way we can.
Building Official