Fence Construction in Drainage Easement Guidelines

Date: December 1, 1999
To: Mesquite Residential Builders
From: Building Official
Subject: Fence Construction in Drainage Easements

This memo is to notify you, the builder or resident, of a policy change that will effect the placement of any future fencing within platted subdivision drainage easements for all subdivisions platted after August 26, 1999. Currently within the City of Mesquite Code of Ordinances, Section 11-207 (General Floodplain Regulations), fences are prohibited within floodplain areas or within dedicated easements. A recent interpretation was received from Public Services requesting this change in policy.

There will be times in the future that the city must maintain these easements to perform maintenance on storm sewer lines. The installation of fences across or within these easements makes it difficult for city crews to schedule these repairs. All proposed building permit submittals require that plot plans indicate all platted easements across each lot. Please submit three copies of your plot plan with your permit submittal, and we will return a copy to you indicating these platted easements.

Each building inspector will be notified of this change of policy and will include this new change as part of their final inspection. Your cooperation in complying with all city ordinances is appreciated.

Building Official