Polling Locations Rules and Regulations

As the owner of a public polling location, the Texas Election Code (Section 61.003) authorizes the City of Mesquite to enact rules and regulations governing campaign practices at polling locations. Listed below are the rules and regulations candidates must adhere to for the areas outside the 100-foot election zone for any politically related activity, signs, or literature.

Political signs are permitted as follows:

  • Signs shall not be located in the public right-of-way in a manner to impair the traffic visibility. Polling locations will use painted lines indicating the boundaries for sign placement. All signs must be located on or behind the painted line towards the interior of the property.
  • Signs shall not exceed 16-square feet or exceed four feet in height.
  • Signs must be posted a minimum of two (2) foot away from all sidewalks and emergency access points.
  • No sign stake shall exceed a 9-gauge diameter as defined by the American Wire Gauge (AWG) Standard.
  • Signs shall not obstruct vehicular or pedestrian access to or from the polling place.
  • No signs shall be placed in parking lot serving the facility.
  • No sign shall be posted, connected or otherwise placed within one foot of another sign.
  • No signs shall be posted in parking lots but may be displayed on lawfully parked vehicles.
  • Signs may not be posted on aboveground fixtures or structures, impervious surfaces, or on trees or in landscaping areas.
  • All signs must include the name and 24-hour phone number for the party responsible to resolve complaints or address sign placement.
  • Canopies and chairs shall not impede the flow of vehicle or foot traffic and may not be placed walkways or landscaped areas. Canopies shall not exceed 10x10 size and may not be anchored underground.
  • Booths, tables and encampments, are prohibited;
  • Must be removed daily within one hour prior to polling location closing.
  • Distribution of political pamphlets is restricted to the areas outside of the 100-foot election zone. Candidates will be held responsible for any discarded pamphlets that litter the grounds.
  • Signs may be posted at the polling location no earlier:
    • 24 hours before commencement of early voting, if the sign is being placed at an early voting location;
    • 24 hours before election day, if the sign is being placed at an election day voting location.
    • 24 hours to remove any political campaign sign from the public property when the posting period expires.


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