School Zones

School Flasher

The Traffic Engineering Division continually evaluates traffic, school, and pedestrian safety concerns.  When it is deemed necessary, changes to traffic control devices are implemented.  Today Mesquite Independent School District is comprised of forty-eight schools: thirty-three elementary, nine middle and six high schools.

When school is in session, drivers approaching school zones may encounter some special traffic hazards. First of all, large numbers of children may be present, often walking to and from school. Secondly, at the beginning and end of the school day, the streets surrounding the school are often congested with school buses and the cars of the student’s parents. 

Therefore, drivers need to give school zones special attention in order to drive defensively.  Also, there are special speed limits and traffic laws that apply near school zones during mornings and afternoons.  School flasher speed limit signs are used within the school zone, where they can help alert the drivers’ attention to the school zone speed limit. 

Please contact the Traffic Engineering Division for any additional requests.

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