Speed Management Techniques

Neighborhood Speed Management is the application of techniques at a specific location which result a reduction in vehicular speeds, traffic volumes and/or crashes. The techniques may include educational programs, traffic signage improvements, increased enforcement, and/or physical alterations to the roadway to change driving patterns. 

The support of the residents where neighborhood speed management is being considered is critical to the success of any neighborhood traffic management program and they must therefore be an integral part of any process. It is the goal of the City of Mesquite to achieve solutions to traffic related problems in a manner least intrusive to the neighborhood.  

 There are several techniques for neighborhood speed management which include: 

  • Speed Bumps/Humps
  • Speed Cushions
  • Chicanes
  • Center Island
  • Intersection Narrowing
  • Traffic Circle
  • Lane Narrowing
  • Speed Table
  • Raised Intersection
  • Temporary Speed Feedback Signs
  • Permanent Speed Feedback Signs
  • Ongoing Neighborhood Information Programs
  • Targeted Enforcement

If you would like to learn more information about each speed management technique, click here.

If you have a concern for vehicular traffic issues in your neighborhood, we encourage you to please review the Neighborhood Speed Management Program Application Process to obtain a better understanding of the NSMP and what to expect throughout the duration of the project.