Mesquite Landmark Commission

The Mesquite Landmark Commission works to protect, enhance, and promote landmarks and districts of historical, cultural, and architectural importance in the City.

The purpose of the Landmark Commission is to assist with establishing and promoting a unique identity that reflects the City of Mesquite’s character, enhances its aesthetics, and celebrates its business community and neighborhoods through historic preservation, adaptive reuse, and revitalization. 

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Information for Applicants

Landmark Commission

  • Position No. 1, Mesquite Landmark Owner
  • Position No. 2, Practicing Design Professional
  • Position No. 3, Historian
  • Position No. 4, Resident with Interest/Knowledge
  • Position No. 5, Resident
  • Position No. 6, Downtown Development Advisory Board Member
  • Position No. 7, Historic Mesquite Inc. Member


  • Alternate No. 1, 
  • Alternate No. 2,  

2010 Historic Resource Survey

A historic resources survey documents the existence and condition of significant properties in a community. Documenting these properties is a vital step towards preserving our historic and cultural resources.

Mesquite’s survey was conducted in 2010 as part of the project, “Preserving Our Sense of Place: Strengthening Mesquite’s Preservation Plan,” and funded by the National Trust for Historic Preservation Fondren Endowed Fund and Historic Mesquite, Inc..

In order to present a true picture of resources that existed at the time the survey was conducted, resources that may have been demolished, removed, or significantly altered since the 2010 survey publication are not deleted.

Useful Documents