Driveway Service

Driveway Service

Wherever your driveway is – whether that’s in the front or back – that is where your trash will be collected starting on March 4, 2024. Making this change to trash collection will save taxpayers money and improve services.

Please place your trash receptacle at the end of your driveway. Collection days will not change, and the City will continue to assist elderly and disabled residents who let Solid Waste know they need help putting out their trash.

City officials made the change for selected areas due to the difficulty and danger of trash collection trucks negotiating older, narrow alleys.

Switching to front pickup in certain neighborhoods will make the alleys safer and cleaner, cause fewer ruts in the alleys and help trash vehicles avoid damage to fences and utilities. The change will help the City avoid spending an estimated $50 million in alleyway pavement repairs.

The changes to collection location will not change the City’s requirements for solid waste, which includes trash being secured in trash bags within an approved container, specific times on when the trash can be set out for collection, and limits on bulky items.

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Trash Collection Changing to Driveway Pick-up

The change will affect about 7,700 homes. Click here to search your address.

Driveway Service Area Map