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1. Will we need to pay the entire payment for the reservation of just the $100 deposit?
2. Do we need to bring our own toiletries and cleaning supplies?
3. Are we allowed to have waterslides, petting zoo, or trains at the park?
4. Are there any other days besides the days listed that Westlake and Lakeside Activity Center are open for viewing?
5. Am I allowed to provide my own police officer for reservations at Lakeside Activity Center or Goodbar?
6. Why do I need to have a staff attendant at my reservation?
7. What will happen if I stay longer than my allowed time for a reservation?
8. How long will it take to get my cleaning and damage refund?
9. How many days in advance do you need to make a reservation?
10. Will Parks and Recreation provide a projector, microphone or a sound system for my reservation?
11. If I live in Balch Springs, but I pay taxes to the City of Mesquite and my children attend an MISD school will I get the resident rate?
12. Am I allowed to have someone else pay for my reservation?
13. If I cancel my reservation will I get a full refund?
14. When I reserve a pavilion will I be allowed to use the baseball fields?
15. Are we allowed to have balloons at the swimming pools?
16. Will everyone who enters the pool have to pay an entry fee even if they do not get in the pool?
17. How do I report a park problem?