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1. What are the Court’s hours of operation?
2. Where can I get information on Marriage Licenses, Death Certificates, Birth Certificates, Civil Suits and Occupational Licenses?
3. Where can I pay Photo Red Light tickets?
4. Where do I register my car, obtain a handicap placard or obtain license plates?
5. The automated phone system gives me a court date, but it does not give me a time. How do I know what time to appear?
6. How long do I have to take care of my citation?
7. Can I pay my citation online or over the phone?
8. Can I take care of my citation by phone?
9. What options do I have to keep a citation off of my driving record?
10. How can I get information on a citation that was issued to a juvenile?
11. I received a Jury Summons for a court case in Mesquite Municipal Court. Does the Mesquite Municipal Court have jury trials?
12. Where can I find the Rules of the Court?