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Public Information/Open Records Request

  1. Open Records Request # ______________________
    (Office Use Only)
  2. In order to respond to your request, please provide at least one method of contact below.
  3. Delivery of Records (select one)
  4. Please provide as much detail as possible such as report numbers, time-frame of records, date and place of incident, etc. The Public Information Act does not require a governmental body to prepare new information in response to a request, to prepare answers to questions or to complete legal research. The Act only applies to information already in existence as of the date of the request.
  5. Relationship to Person Listed in Report (select one)
  6. Date Range:
  7. to
  8. Consent to Redaction
  9. Explanation of exceptions to disclosure of certain records or portions of records:
  10. Under the Public Information Act, some categories of information do not have to be released. Exceptions to disclosure fall into two general categories: 1) mandatory exceptions that make information confidential and require the City to withhold the information, and 2) discretionary exceptions that allow, but do not require, the City to withhold the information.
  11. In most instances, the City is required to request a decision from the Texas Attorney General in order to withhold information from a requestor. However, a requestor may permit the City to redact information without the need for requesting an Attorney General decision. You are not required to agree to the redaction of any information responsive to your request, but doing so may streamline the handling of your request. NOTE: If you agree to redactions in this records request, then you may still request the redacted information in a future records request; but the City will seek an Attorney General ruling regarding the release of the information.
  12. Please answer the following questions:
  13. 1. Do you agree to the redaction of information that is subject to mandatory exceptions? EXAMPLES: Dates of birth of living persons, Driver's license numbers, License plate numbers, Credit card numbers, Insurance policy numbers, Juvenile offender records, Child abuse investigations, Peace officer's home address, Peace officer's family member information
  14. 2. Do you agree to the redaction of information that is subject to discretionary exceptions? EXAMPLES: Attorney-Client communications, Information related to pending litigation, Police officer photographs, Matters under police investigation, Drafts of policymaking documents, Audit working papers, Competitive bidding information before contract awarded
  15. Pursuant to the Public Information Act, Texas Government Code, Section 552, I hereby request the following information currently existing in the records of the City of Mesquite, Texas. I understand that there may be charges assessed for duplication or access to such records and prepayment may be required prior to preparation of the requested copies of such records.
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