How much did the project cost and how were funds raised?
Approximately $130,000 dollars were raised for the design, construction and implementation of Mesquite Freedom Park. These funds were donated by local corporations, foundations, non-profit organizations, civic clubs and residents. Donations of $10,000 were graciously provided by Agape Home Healthcare, AMBUCS, Baker Brothers Plumbing and Air Conditioning, Dallas Regional Medical Center, Fuel City Mesquite, In memory of Clara Ray Riggs, Mesquite Arts Council, Mesquite Firefighters Association, Mesquite Rotary, Mesquite Service League, Oncor and Union Pacific. Additional funds were kindly donated by Mesquite Fire Corps, Mesquite Retirees Association, QuikTrip, Southwest KIA of Mesquite and Town East Heating and Air Conditioning Company.

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1. What is Mesquite Freedom Park?
2. Who owns the park and operates Mesquite Freedom Park?
3. How did the City of Mesquite acquire the steel beam?
4. Who designed the park?
5. How much did the project cost and how were funds raised?
6. What are the future plans for the park?
7. Is the park open to the public?
8. Can organizations hold events in the park?
9. How may I make a tax-deductible contribution to the maintenance and future plans of the park?