What is Mesquite Freedom Park?
The City of Mesquite was entrusted with a historic piece of steel from one of the 9/11 attacks that challenged our country’s freedoms. A 15-foot, 575-pound twisted beam recovered from one of the Twin Towers is the centerpiece of Mesquite Freedom Park. The park will be a place in Mesquite to celebrate the freedoms of art, music, education and assembly. It will also serve as inspiration to share with the next generation about the importance freedom plays in the daily lives of our country. Mesquite Freedom Park will offer an opportunity for the public to touch a piece of world history and to remember the significance of 9/11 as well as other attacks on our country’s freedoms. Mesquite Freedom Park is located on the North Lawn of the Mesquite Arts Center, 1527 N. Galloway Avenue in Mesquite, Texas. For additional details on 9/11, visit the 9/11 Memorial Museum website.9/11 Memorial Museum

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1. What is Mesquite Freedom Park?
2. Who owns the park and operates Mesquite Freedom Park?
3. How did the City of Mesquite acquire the steel beam?
4. Who designed the park?
5. How much did the project cost and how were funds raised?
6. What are the future plans for the park?
7. Is the park open to the public?
8. Can organizations hold events in the park?
9. How may I make a tax-deductible contribution to the maintenance and future plans of the park?