How do I find my property line?
Identification of the location of a property line is important when installing a fence or
other improvements on a piece of property to ensure it does not cross the property line and
that required setbacks from the property line are maintained. Property lines are usually
monumented with an iron rod driven into the ground at the property corners. The iron rod is
often 3-inches to 6-inches below ground to avoid being disturbed and can be difficult to
find. Older land surveys often used materials other than iron rods to monument a property
corner such as tree stumps, wagon wheels, large boulders, etc.
Identification of the location of a property line may often take the services of a Registered
Professional Land Surveyor (RPLS). The State of Texas maintains a registry of Registered
Professional Land Surveyors at the Texas Board of Professional Engineers and Land Surveying website at: here
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