Road Report
June 2019

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Special note to readers, recent rainfall has impacted some progress on certain road projects. The City of Mesquite will continue to work with contractors to catch up on the planned work schedules as weather permits.

GT June 2019

Gus Thomasson Road (U.S. 80 to Town East Boulevard)

The Plan: This project will totally reconstruct and upgrade the pavement, drainage and utilities on Gus Thomasson Road from U.S. 80 to Town East Boulevard. The project will also add a bike trail, landscaping and other improvements.

What's happening now: The contractor has four crews working on the project. Construction underway includes underground water, sanitary sewer and drainage facilities.

Work anticipated in the next 30 days: Utilities will continue to be installed on Gus Thomasson Road, from U.S. 80 to Towne Centre Drive, as well as from North Mesquite Drive to Town East Boulevard.

Estimated completion date: January 2021

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RTR: June 2019

Real. Texas. Roads.

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The Plan: Real. Texas. Roads. is the program name for the road repairs funded by the $125 million bond sale approved by voters in November 2015. Repairs under this program are for residential, 2-lane roadways. The repairs began in 2016. 

What's happening now: As of June 4, localized concrete repairs are still in progress on Royal Crest Drive, Northridge Drive and Summit Drive. Concrete spot repairs have been completed on Cascade Street and Cresthill Drive. Resurfacing is in progress on Sidney Drive, Rockne Lane and Morgan Drive. Statler Drive is complete. Utility work is underway to replace old water and sewer lines on Oriole Street, Ervin Lane, and Daffodil Drive. 

Work anticipated in the next 30 days: Resurfacing will continue for the next 35 days on Morgan Drive, Sidney Drive, and Rockne Lane. Resurfacing is scheduled to begin on Cascade Street, Crest Park Drive and Summit Drive at the end of June. The next list of streets planned for concrete repairs include Alta Vista Street, Buena Vista Street, Willowbrook Drive, Lee Street, Larchmont Drive, Northview Place (cul-de-sac) and Mark Drive (between Baker Drive and Larchmont Drive). 

Two construction contracts related to Real. Texas. Roads. work in southwest Mesquite have been awarded by the City Council. The first contract is for utility work that must be done before street rehabilitation in the area can begin. Utility work will begin on Rose Lane, Carnation Drive and Lilac Lane to replace old water lines prior to the street repairs. Contracts are being finalized so pavement rehabilitation can begin on Oriole Street and Ervin Lane. Please click here to see a presentation to the City Council explaining the three Real. Texas. Roads. contracts in southwest Mesquite

Estimated completion date: The completion of all streets in the Real. Texas. Roads. program is expected to be completed in the fall of 2024, two years ahead of schedule. 

To view the current construction status of streets selected for the program, visit

Thomasson Square Project - June 2019

Thomasson Square Project (Gus Thomasson Road from Moon Drive to Karla Drive) Reconstruction Project

The Plan: The reconstruction of Gus Thomasson Road from Karla Drive to Moon Drive will be a four-lane divided road with the addition of a bicycle path, a wider sidewalk and improvements to underground utilities.

What's happening now: Traffic is driving on the southbound lanes while the northbound lanes are being reconstructed. The majority of the water, sanitary sewer, and storm sewer system has been installed.

Work anticipated in the next 30 days: Pavement placement will continue as utilities are completed and weather allows. Utility and drainage work is almost complete. Electrical conduit installation and traffic signal work will begin this month.

Estimated completion date: Fall 2019

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Town East - Skyline to Military April 2019

Town East Boulevard Phase 1 (Military Parkway to Skyline Drive) Reconstruction Project

The Plan: The reconstruction of Town East Boulevard from Military Parkway to Skyline Drive will include a four-lane divided road with two lanes in each direction, improvements to underground utilities and thick concrete pavement sections to support the large volume of heavy truck traffic.

What's happening now: The entire roadway is open for north and southbound traffic. All utility work is complete and drainage improvements are nearing completion.

Work anticipated in the next 30 days: Traffic signals will be installed. Grading of the medians and parkway will continue. Clean up and landscaping will be completed in the next two months.

Estimated completion date: Summer 2019

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Town East Option A

Town East Boulevard Phase 2 (U.S. 80 to Skyline Drive) Reconstruction Project

The Plan: The existing six-lane section road will be reconstructed as a four-lane section road from Skyline Drive to Forney Road, and the section from Forney Road to U.S. 80 will be reconstructed as a six-lane section. The newly paved roadway will have thick concrete pavement sections to support the large volume of heavy truck traffic. This project will also include improvements to underground utilities and drainage along the length of the project. The four-lane section south of Forney Road will be shifted to reduce the impacts of the industrial traffic on residents living in the nearby neighborhood. This shift will also allow for the addition of a walking/biking trail and an eight-foot screening wall for the nearby neighborhood.

What's happening now: The proposed construction contract was presented to the City Council for approval on June 17.

Work anticipated in the next 30 days: The construction will begin in early August of 2019. Until then, some lanes are being repaired to address potholes and poor road conditions.

Estimated completion date: December 2020

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Project Stallion: February 2019

Stream Bank Stabilization & Bridge Replacement - South Mesquite Creek 

The Plan: The improvements planned on South Mesquite Creek will reduce erosion along the drainage channel, address flooding of MISD sports fields, increase the amount of water that is able to flow in the stream and improve access for the City to maintain the area. This project also includes replacement of the bridge on North Mesquite Drive.

What's happening now:  North Mesquite Drive is closed to all traffic due to the bridge reconstruction that is underway. The bridge piers are completed. Utility construction is almost completed and earthwork will finish this month. 

Work anticipated in the next 30 days: The contractor will be constructing a retaining wall along the creek, next to the track and playing fields. Reconstruction of the bridge and installation of drainage channel improvements will continue. 

Estimated completion date: December 2019

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LBJ East - April 2019

I-635 (U.S. 75/Central Expressway to
I-30) LBJ East Project

The Plan: The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) is reconstructing I-635 from U.S. 75 to I-30. The reconstruction will provide five main lanes and two managed lanes in both directions, with continual frontage roads starting at Town East Boulevard and full reconstruction of the I-30/I-635 interchange. Phase 1 (sound wall construction) is underway. This includes construction of six sound wall segments along I-635. Four of the new sound segments are located in Mesquite. For more information concerning the I-635 LBJ East Project, please visit the Texas Department of Transportation webpage

What's happening now: A project kickoff event scheduled for June was postponed by TxDOT. 

What's next: TxDOT plans to break ground and start construction in early 2020. 

Estimated completion date: 2024

Scyene Road Paving and Utility Improvement - June 2019

Scyene Road Paving and Utility Improvements 

The Plan: The reconstruction of Scyene Road from Clay Mathis Road to Lawson Road will support new industrial development near the Mesquite Metro Airport. The project includes improvements to underground utilities and a newly paved roadway with thick concrete to withstand heavy truck traffic by the industrial companies.

What's happening now: Full width concrete pavement has been completed from Clay Mathis Road to the asphalt plant near the airport. Paving operations are in progress from the asphalt plant to Lawson Road. 

Work anticipated in the next 30 days: The contractor will continue concrete paving operations from the asphalt plant entrance to Lawson Road.

Estimated completion date: Summer 2019

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Front Street Station - June 2019

Downtown Mesquite:
Front Street Station – Aesthetic Improvements, Paving, Drainage, Water and Sewer

The Plan: The project is for the design of Front Street Station between Galloway Ave. and North Ebrite Street as the first phase to improve Downtown Mesquite with new pedestrian-friendly elements, special event areas and additional parking.

What's happening now: City staff will be meeting with the contractors to get answers to their questions about the project so they can prepare their bids.

Work anticipated in the next 30 days: Receive contract bids and award a contract. 

Estimated completion date: December 2020

Visit for the most recent updates on this project.

Emporium Circle: May 2019

Concrete Rehabilitation: Emporium Circle and Childress Avenue 

The Plan: This project consists of removing and replacing the concrete street panels on Emporium Circle and Childress Ave. This phase will replace the areas of the street in greatest need of repairs. 

What's happening now: Bids were received and opened, but all bids were substantially over the amount budgeted for the project.  

Work anticipated in the next 30 days: City staff presented the bid results to City Council with a request to reject all bids. Staff will make changes to the bid documents to reduce the amount of work and rebid the project this summer. 

Estimated completion date: November 2019

Visit for the most recent updates on this project.

US 80 Improvements_June 2019

TXDOT - U.S. 80 Improvements Project (I-30 to FM 460)

The Plan: The U.S. 80  proposed improvements consist of the reconstruction and widening of U.S. 80 from I-30 in Dallas County to FM 460 in Kaufman County, within the cities of Dallas, Mesquite, Forney, and the Town of Sunnyvale. The proposed plan will reconstruct the I-635 interchange and widen main lanes and frontage roads. Frontage roads will be completed between Lawson Road and FM 460 over the East Fork of Trinity River. The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) will perform the work in phases. The first phase will be primarily within the City of Mesquite. 

What's happening now: The hearing will be held at the Mesquite Convention
Center/Hampton Inn, Salon A, located at 1700 Rodeo Drive, Mesquite, Texas, on Tuesday, June 25. Displays will be available at 6 p.m. with the formal presentation and hearing beginning at 7 p.m.

Work anticipated in the next 30 days: A public hearing will be held to get input from citizens. The scope of initial construction contract will be developed using $200 million in committed funds. The scope will include reconstruction of the I-635 interchange and frontage roads and ramps between I-635 and Belt Line Road.

Project Schedule: Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) antcipates bidding the first phase of construction in Mesquite in June 2021. 

Watch the June 17 presentation by TxDOT Dallas District. Visit for updates on the Public Hearing.

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