Road Report
July 2018

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Thomasson Square Project - July 2018

Gus Thomasson Road (Karla Drive to Moon Drive) Reconstruction Project

The Plan: Reconstruction of Gus Thomasson Road from Karla Drive to Moon Drive. The reconstructed roadway will be a four-lane divided thoroughfare with the addition of a bicycle path, a wider sidewalk and other pedestrian improvements. In addition, drainage, water and sanitary sewer improvements are being made. 

What's happening now: Paving is currently underway on Gus Thomasson Road and utility connections near Moon Drive are nearly finished. 

What's next: Construction of sidewalk, cycle track and on-street parking will continue. Southbound lanes will be opened back up for traffic and switched over to the south side of Oates Drive for subgrade treatment and rehabilitation of street pavement. New water mains will be installed and connected to the existing system. 

Estimated completion date: Traffic access to the western section of Gus Thomasson Road should be completed by July 2018 and the eastern section of Gus Thomasson Road by March 2019. The project is scheduled to be completed summer of 2019.

Motley Drive - July 2018

Motley Drive (Gus Thomasson Blvd. to Town East Blvd.) Reconstruction Project

The Plan: Reconstruction of Motley Drive from Gus Thomasson Boulevard to Town East Boulevard. The reconstructed roadway will be a four-lane divided roadway on the north and south ends, and a two-lane divided roadway with some on-street parking through the residential area. In addition, there will be drainage, sanitary sewer and water improvements.

What's happening now: The contractor is currently working on sidewalks along the entire corridor and pouring the intersections. 

What's next: The next phase of the project will focus on the installation of landscaping and lighting in the medians. In addition, the scope of the project calls for LED light fixtures throughout the entire corridor. The contractor will also stripe the pavement and install permanent traffic signs. 

Estimated completion date: Fall 2018

Town East - Skyline to Military July 2018

Town East Boulevard (Military Parkway to Skyline Drive) Reconstruction Project

The Plan: Reconstruction of Town East Boulevard from Military Parkway to Skyline Drive. The reconstructed roadway will be a four-lane divided thoroughfare with two lanes in each direction. In addition, there will be drainage, sanitary sewer and water improvements. The newly paved roadway will have a thick concrete pavement section to withstand the large volume of heavy truck traffic. 

What's happening now: Drainage installation is in progress at Innovative Way. The roadway excavation is underway in preparation of lime stabilization operations. Utility conflicts have temporarily delayed work efforts. 

What's next: Continuation of roadway subgrade for lime stabilization and completion of drainage installation. Staff and contractors are coordinating work with AT&T to resolve utility issues and clear areas for paving operations. 

Estimated completion date: Winter 2018

Town East Option A

Town East Blvd. Phase 2 (U.S. 80 to Skyline Drive) Reconstruction Project

The Plan: The four-lane section from U.S. 80 to Skyline Drive will be reconstructed and pushed to the west side of the existing right-of-way to provide the maximum buffer between the industrial traffic and the residential neighborhood. This will allow the design to include a 12-foot wide multi-use pedestrian trail and an eight-foot screening wall to buffer residential properties. 

What's happening now: Staff is working with the consultant to complete the design and reconstruction plans for the four-lane divided street section on Town East. 
What's next: Project is currently under design. Final design will be completed at the end of this year and construction should begin the first quarter of 2019.

Estimated completion date: Summer 2020

Kearney/Gross  - July 2018

Bruton Road, Northwest Drive and Kearney Street Mill and Asphalt Overlay Project

The Plan: Rehabilitation of approximately 58,000 square yards of major thoroughfares with spot concrete repairs, removal of the old asphalt surface by milling and applying a new 1-1/2 inch hot-mix asphaltic overlay on the following three roadways: 1) Northwest Drive from I-30 to Oates Drive; 2) Bruton Road from I-635 to Rodeo Center; and 3) Gross Road/Kearney Street from Galloway Avenue to I-635. The plan includes reconstruction of curb ramps to enhance sidewalk accessibility.
What's happening now: Asphalt work on Bruton is complete. The City's Street Division will finish two ADA ramps on Bruton Road. Construction on Northwest Drive and Kearney Drive has finished. Concrete repairs are underway on the east and westbound interior two lanes of Gross Road. 

What's next: After the completion of concrete repairs, an asphalt overlay will begin in the section of Gross Road from Kearney Street to I-635. The final stage of this project is scheduled to be complete by end of July.

Estimated completion date: Summer 2018

Us 80 Service Rd - July 2018

I-635 to U.S. 80 Service Road Extension and Ramp Reconfiguration

The Plan: This Texas Department of Transportation project will modify the U.S. 80 North Galloway Avenue exit ramp and construct a new northbound frontage road along I-635 from Gross Road to U.S. 80. More than 1.6 miles of frontage road will be reconstructed and access to the I-635/U.S. 80 interchange will be improved.

What's happening now: All road pavement is in place. The Galloway exit sign on eastbound U.S. 80 has been changed. Sidewalks and directional islands are being constructed. Punch-list items are being addressed. The Gross Road overpass' median is being constructed. Permanent traffic signals are being installed at Gross Road and at Galloway Avenue and US 80.

What's next: Small punch list items will be addressed and site clean up will take place. 

Estimated completion date: Winter 2018

Bamboo RTR - July 2018

Real. Texas. Roads.

The Plan: It includes the repair of more than 100 miles of residential streets, as well as curbs and sidewalks where needed, over a ten-year period.

The repair method chosen for each street depends on the existing condition of the street. However, the usual order of repairs is: 1) pavement lifting; 2) localized concrete repair; 3) new surface reconstruction; and 4) miscellaneous repairs and cleanup. To view the current construction status of streets selected for the program, visit

What's happening now: Resurfacing is taking place on Bamboo and miscellaneous repairs and clean up is taking place on Hula Drive and Bonita Vista (2017 streets). The 2018 list of approved streets receiving localized concrete repairs are Moon Drive, Sidney, Statler, Rockne, Royal Crest, Upland, Pebble Creek, Red Mill and Green Leaf. The pavement lifting process is taking place on Willow Brook, Crest Park, Alta Vista, Buena Vista, Mark Drive and Larchmont. 

What's next: Crews are finishing construction and pavement of the second year (2017) list of streets in Section A. Construction is hold for the third-year of streets until completion and approval of the Engineering Review of Construction Methods. 

Estimated completion date: The original program includes the repair of more than 100 miles of residential streets over a ten-year period. However, the City Council has decided to accelerate the program to complete it within eight years. The program is expected to be completed fall 2024. Current construction on the second-year list of streets is scheduled to be completed spring 2018. Construction on the third-year list of streets will begin summer 2018.

Military Parkway Trail (I-635 to Sam Houston Rd.) - July 2018

Military Parkway Trail (I-635 to Sam Houston Road)  

The Plan: This project includes the construction of a 12-foot wide shared-use path along the south side of Military Parkway from Sam Houston Road to the Rodeo Center Boulevard. The project is 80 percent grant funded through the Transportation Alternative Program. 

What's happening now: The contractor is actively working to finish the driveways between the section of Masters Drive and Sam Houston Road. Construction work continues between Idlewyld Drive and Rollingwood Drive, which includes a retaining wall. 

What's next: The contractor will work to tie in the ramps and missing sidewalk connections between Peachtree Road and Masters Drive, progressing with the section of the trail towards Sam Houston Road. 

Estimated completion date: Fall 2018

Scyene Road Paving and Utility Improvement - July 2018

Scyene Road Paving and Utility Improvements 

The Plan: Reconstruction of Scyene Road from Clay-Mathis Road to Lawson Road to support industrial development near the Mesquite Metro Airport. Water, sewer and drainage improvements will also be constructed to make industrial sites ready for development. 

What's happening now: Water line installation is completed for Phase 1 of the project and excavation of the Berry Road culverts are complete as well. The milling and paving portion from Clay Mathis Road to the Ashley Furniture site entrance is currently underway. 

What's next: Installation of the proposed drainage ditch along Scyene Road is currently underway. The Berry culvert at the intersection of Berry Road and Edwards Church Road is scheduled to be completed by August. Berry Road is scheduled to be open for public access by the end of August 2018.

Estimated completion date: Fall 2018

Sound wall - June 2018

I-635 Sound Wall Project

The Plan: The Texas Department of Transportation is working to construct new sound walls along I-635 north of I-30

What's happening now: The existing walls along I-635 have all been removed. The sites on the west side of I-635 are being prepared to have the drill shafts drilled. 

What's next: The drill shafts on the west side of I-635 will be drilled and utilities on the east side will be relocated. 

Estimated completion date: Spring 2019

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