Food Manager / Food Handler Information 

Certified Food Manager

A Registered Certified Food Manager is required to be on duty during all hours of operation for Health Permits which fall under Class I, II, V and VII.  The employee will need to attend a state approved course offered by the private company of their choice. Upon completion and passing of this course they will receive a certificate from the private company. The City of Mesquite Health Division requires that you register each food manager with them. For more information on Food Manager online classes refer to the related documents. To learn more on how to register a Certified Food Manager please see below.  

Registering a Certified Food Manager

To register a Certified Food Manager with the City of Mesquite Health Division simply bring in the Food Manager Certificate, and a completed Registered Food Service Manager application. The Health Division will then enter it into their database and provide you with a City of Mesquite Registered Food Manager Certificate.     

Food Handler Cards

City ordinance requires that any person employed in a food establishment and involved in food preparation or food handling activities must be adequately trained to prevent the occurrence of foodborne illnesses. To complete a Food Handler course simply go on-line and pick the company of your choice.  Fee's will vary by company.  Food Handler Cards must be obtained within 30 days of employment with a food establishment.