Neighborhood Crime Watch

The Neighborhood Watch Program is a community-run Crime Prevention Program designed to actively join citizens and police together to combat crime through education and awareness. 

Neighborhood Watch operates under three principles: 
  • Being Neighborly - Neighbors get to know each other and watch out for each other.
  • Education - Police educate citizens about recognizing suspicious activity, home security strategies and other crime-related quality of life issues.
  • Sense of Pride - Education and working together creates a sense of pride and belonging for participants. This creates a bond for the group, giving them a sense of shared purpose to make their neighborhood safe.
If you are interested in joining a group, contact the Neighborhood Vitality office . The Neighborhood Vitality office will place you in contact with the Neighborhood Watch captain for your area. 

If your home is not in a Neighborhood Watch area, and you would like to start a Neighborhood Watch group, contact the Neighborhood Vitality office and we will provide you with more information.

Start a Neighborhood Watch In Your Area

  • Step 1 - Talk with neighbors about the value of starting a Neighborhood Watch group. One block captain can typically oversee up to 30 houses or one city block, so focus on neighbors close to your home for the initial planning. Ask your neighbors to help plan the first neighborhood meeting.
  • Step 2 - Contact the Neighborhood Vitality office at 972-216-6348Neighborhood Vitality office will provide you with assistance and a booklet to help you plan your first meeting.
  • Step 3 - Your first meeting - The first meeting is mostly informational. Agenda topics often include:
    • Introductions
    • Why are we here?
    • What is Neighborhood Watch and how it can help?
    • Neighborhood role?
    • Police role?
    • What do we hope to accomplish?
    • Questions and answers