Online Interactive Maps

Alley & Street Condition

Geographical areas used by the City of Mesquite Streets Division known as Alley and Street Areas (1A, 1B, 1C, etc). Alleys and streets are assigned a grade (Grade 1 = Good; Grade 2 = Satisfactory; Grade 3 = Fair; or Grade 4 = Poor) based on its condition.

View the Alleys and Streets Condition Map

Property Information - Parcels & Subdivisions

The City of Mesquite's property parcels information can be accessed from the Parcels and Subdivisions map. You may search for a property by clicking the Find Address tool. Subdivision areas contain information on platted or re-platted properties (property that has been developed with some type of improvement - parking lot, single family residential, commercial building, etc).

Council Districts

View geographic areas for the City of Mesquite Council Districts Map

Downtown Mesquite

Downtown Mesquite Main Street Program Boundary Area is the geographic area of focus of the Mesquite Downtown Development / Main Street program.  The City of Mesquite is recognized as a designated Texas Main Street community by the Texas Historical Commission.  The Downtown Mesquite Main Street Program Boundary Area is identified as a layer and it can be viewed by clicking here: Downtown Mesquite Map

Environmental Code Inspection Areas

Here you can view an environmental code inspection areas map used by the City of Mesquite Environmental Code Inspection Division which is assigned to staff to monitor the compliance of city ordinances and codes. The environmental code inspection districts are larger in total area and consist of smaller areas.

Fire Districts, Boxes & HWY Boxes

View the map used by the City of Mesquite Fire Department to dispatch staff and fire apparatus during emergency conditions. The fire districts are larger in total area and consist of smaller fire boxes.

For example, fire district one consists of fire boxes 101, 102, 103, 105, 106, 108, 109, 110, 111, 114, 115 and 118. The highway boxes are different because they are not polygons (contiguous circles), but are the highways that fall within the city. Specific segments of the highway are designated to an individual fire station. Fire stations are assigned to those specific highway segments based on the quickest response time and direct entrance path not necessarily the closest geographically. Emergency Medical Services (EMS) areas are used to dispatch EMS personnel and ambulances.

Keep Mesquite Beautiful Adopt-A-Spot

This map is utilized by Keep Mesquite Beautiful committees for several different programs including Adopt-A-Spot, Yard of the Month, District of the Year, and the Community Appearance Index. 

Parks & Recreation Facilities

View maps of all public park facilities within the City of Mesquite. Features such as school buildings, sports facilities, pavilions, shelters, picnic tables, and recreation centers will be identified in these maps. Mesquite Independent School Districts (MISD) parks will also be identified.

Police Beats, Districts & Reporting Areas

The Beats, Districts, and Reporting Areas Map is used by the City of Mesquite Police Department to assign patrol officers. The police beats are larger in total area and consists of police districts and reporting areas.

For example, police beat one consists of:
  • Police districts 11, 12, 13, and 14
  • Reporting areas 111, 112, 113, 121, 122, 131 132, 141, and 142

Problem Oriented Policing

Geographic boundaries used by the City of Mesquite Police Department. Each boundary has database information on the districts, sergeants, and lieutenants.

Solid Waste - Garbage & Recycling Collection Days

The Garbage and Recycling Collection Days Map is used by the City of Mesquite Solid Waste Division to schedule collection of household garbage and recyclable items. The City of Mesquite has sectioned off the city into two specific areas for garbage collection and four specific areas for recycling collection. To get specific information about the different aspects of these services, visit the Solid Waste Division online.

Traffic Counts

While using the Traffic Counts Map, click on the individual red traffic points to obtain that location's 24 hour traffic count volume, which is listed by location, date, individual lane direction 24 hour count, and 24 hour total count. In addition, the entire city wide traffic count file may be downloaded for viewing.

West Nile Virus - Vector Control

The West Nile Virus - Vector Control Map displays areas that have been treated for mosquitoes potentially carrying the West Nile and St. Louis Encephalitis viruses. To get specific information about the West Nile Virus, please visit the Food Inspection Division online.

Voting Information Map

The Voting Information Map contains voting information that can be used to locate specific polling locations, voting precincts, districts, and polling places. You can locate your desired address using Locate Address button and then click on the map at that location and extract all the voting information for that specific address. You can measure distance using the measurement tool.

Zoning Parcels

The Zoning Parcels Map contains the zoning overlays and zoning parcels for the City of Mesquite. The Planning Division impact fees service areas are used by the City of Mesquite Planning Division to allocate roadway impact fees for new development. You may locate your desired address by using the Find Address button. DCAD parcels are also available as an identifiable layer to get property information.