About Neighborhood eWatch
Education and awareness are cornerstones of our crime prevention philosophy. Neighborhood eWatch is one more way the Mesquite Police Department can interact with residents to provide them with important information about crime and crime prevention issues. The information is delivered directly to their computers or smartphones via the city’s Citizen Notification Service (CNS). 

Residents may also want to sign up for alerts from CrimeWeb, which features the ability to receive crime alerts from around the nation.
About the City's CNS
Mesquite’s Citizen Notification Service (CNS) works much the same as typical social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. However, instead of keeping up with friends or your favorite rock band, you can sign up to receive important information from the Mesquite Police Department. The service is free. Notifications can either be sent by email to your computer or as a text message to your cell phone.

Get crime alerts and other crime-related information sent directly to your computer or smartphone using the City of Mesquite's CNS.
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About CrimeWeb
CrimeWeb is free, web-based clearinghouse which allows information collected by public safety agencies nationwide to be quickly and efficiently distributed to citizens, news media organizations and other law enforcement agencies which may have an interest in the information. The CrimeWeb site provides six basic components or types of information to subscribers:
  • Missing Child Alerts
  • Missing Adult Alerts
  • Major Crime Alerts
  • Homeland Security Alerts
  • School Information Alerts
  • Community Information Alerts
Reporting Suspicious Activity
If you see something that was on CNS or CrimeWeb, never approach a suspicious our dangerous situation! Always call 911 if you see anything that looks suspicious.
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