Interior Remodel Permit Requirements

  1. Three sets of plans (scaled) or four sets of plans - restaurant, cafe, etc. (scaled)
  2. Site plan with lease space location on each set
  3. Occupancy separation walls - may 8" type X gypsum, floor to roof deck, with all openings sealed, per table 302.3.3, 2003 International Building Code
    • Interior non-load bearing partitions - no architectural seal required
    • Structural - walls, floors and ceilings may require an engineer seal - all other: architectural seal
  4. Restroom exhaust to outside of building
  5. Glass and glazing shall comply with Chapter 24, 2003 International Building Code
  6. Minimum restroom facility requirements:
    • Shall comply with Sec. 2902 and Table 2902.1 of 2003 International Building Code
    • If applicable, facilities shall be accessible per Chapter 11, of 2003 International Building Code, constructed in accordance with ICC/ANSI A117.1
  7. Submit for review and approval prior to issuance of building permit: Plumber riser diagram, mechanical plans, electrical riser diagram and fault current calculations
  8. Condensate drain must terminate into sanitary sewer
  9. In lieu of panic hardware, a durable sign shall be placed on or adjacent to the exit door(s) stating: This door must remain unlocked during business hours, in letters 1" high on a contrasting background per Sec. 1003.1.8 of 2003 International Building Code
  10. Contact Building Inspection for sign permit information
  11. Install exit signs to clearly indicate path of exit travel per Sec. 1003.2.10 of 2003 International Building Code
  12. Electrical installation per 2005 National Electrical Code, with amendments; Plumbing installation per 2003 International Plumbing Code; Mechanical installation per 2003 International Mechanical Code
  13. In accordance with Vernon’s Texas Civil Statutes, Title 132A, Article 9102: Architectural Barriers Section 5 (j) and (k), construction projects with estimated construction costs exceeding $50,000 and which are subject to the provisions of this article, shall submit proof to the local building department that plans have been submitted to the State of Texas for Architectural Barrier review prior to issuance of the Building permit
  14. Building plans shall identify materials and equipment to be used for 2003 International Conservation Energy Code compliance. Plans shall indicate U-Factors and Solar Heat Gain Coefficients (SHGC) for all windows and doors and R-Value of all insulation
  15. Asbestos Survey is required according to Senate Bill 509 before any renovations or demolition permit may be issued. Copies of survey shall be submitted to the Plans Examiner. All abatement must be completed before permit issuance
  16. COMcheck Software Design may be submitted with each application request