Zoning Violations

Garage Sales
City Code section 10-27 prohibits owners or persons in control of residence to hold more than two (2) garage sales at their residence during any calendar year or to hold a garage sale lasting longer than three (3) consecutive days at their residence.

Home Occupation
Mesquite Zoning Ordinance section 2-701 allows low intensity home occupations that are incidental to the residential use of the property. Activities must not create a nuisance which would adversely impact adjacent residential properties.

Number of Individuals Living Together
Mesquite Zoning Ordinance, section 6-100, defines a family to be individuals living together as a single housekeeping unit, including cooking together, in which not more than four (4) individuals are unrelated by blood, marriage or adoption. Family shall not include groups of individuals which do not function as or constitute housekeeping units, such as boarding/lodging house, fraternity/sorority houses and similar living arrangements.