Nuisance Violations

Private Swimming Pools and Spas - Abandoned, Neglected, Inoperable and Hazardous
Any private pool or spa located within the city shall not remain in a condition so as to create a public health or safety hazard or a nuisance to the general public. Any time a private pool or spa contains any amount of water, the owner or occupant of the premises must:
  • Maintain water clarity so that all parts of the bottom can be seen.
  • Maintain proper fencing as required under City Code Section 5-408.
  • Maintain pool free of all foreign matter.
  • Secure and lock all access gates to any pool located on unoccupied property.
  • Prevent harborage or breeding places for insects or rodents.
Public/Semi-Public Swimming Pools
The Health Division handles the permitting and inspections of all public and semi-public pools within the City of Mesquite. To report pool violations contact 972-216-6321, Monday - Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. or leave a complaint here and it will be forwarded to the appropriate staff members

Closing of Unsafe Vacant Structure
Section 108.1.1-108.2 of the 2000 International Property Maintenance Code requires any vacant structure unfit for human habitation or occupancy that is not in danger of collapse to be closed up so as not to be an attractive nuisance.