Develop a Crime Watch Program in Your Neighborhood

How to Increase Residential Security

The Mesquite Police Department has recently seen a rise in the interest by homeowners and subdivisions to participate in the department's Neighborhood Watch Program. The program is a community driven crime prevention tool. It is not designed as a substitute for police protection. Its purpose is to fight crime by actively joining citizens and law enforcement in creating the best crime fighting team possible. Here are some tips from the Mesquite Police Department on how to start a Neighborhood Watch:

Step 1

Talk with neighbors and friends. Explain you would like to start a group and ask for their participation. Define boundaries of the area. (One block captain can effectively oversee 10 - 30 houses or one block.) Enlist others to help with the original neighborhood meeting. This will help motivate others.

Step 2

Contact the Crime Prevention Office at 972-329-8781 or 972-329-8757. Coordinate a date, time and location (recreation facility, church or school) with the officer for your first meeting.

Step 3

Plan your first meeting. Try to meet in a convenient place. Design a simple flyer and deliver them to every home in the area. Do not place notices in the mail boxes - without proper postage it is against the law. Neighborhood Watch does not require frequent meetings, but we do encourage one meeting each quarter.

Step 4

Conduct your first meeting.Have attendees sign in as they arrive on a Neighborhood Watch log with name, address, contact information and e-mail. Refreshments and name tags also create a relaxed atmosphere. Have a meeting agenda.