Property Tax

Legislative Changes

Recent legislative changes have significantly lowered residents tax bills. The increase in the homestead exemption and other changes to assist over 65 or disabled taxpayers have resulted in much lower school taxes. To view your tax bill, please click the following link here.

Mesquite residents in Dallas County can estimate their taxes here 

Mesquite residents in Kaufman County can learn how to estimate their taxes here 

2023 Tax Rate

 Taxing Entity Tax Rate Per $100 Assessed Value
 City of Mesquite 0.69000
 Mesquite ISD 1.09920
 Total Tax Rate*** 1.78920


 Taxing Entity Exemption Amount
 City of Mesquite*Citizens over 65 - $65,000
*Disabled Person - $15,000
**Disabled Veterans
 Mesquite ISD General Homestead - $100,000
*Citizens over 65 - $25,000
*Disabled Person - $10,000
**Disabled Veterans

*When you receive an over-65 or disabled person exemption , you also receive a "tax ceiling" for your total city and school taxes. The ceiling is set at the amount of taxes you pay in the year that you qualify for the over-65 or disabled person homeowner exemption. The city and school taxes will not increase above the "tax ceiling" amount as long as you own and live in that home unless you improve your home (other than by normal repairs an maintenance). For example, if you add a garage or a room to your home, your tax ceiling can rise. It will also change if you move to a new home.

**Exact exemption amounts vary based on the disability percentage. For more information contact the Dallas Central Appraisal District and Kaufman Central Appraisal District.

The central appraisal districts approve all exemptions according to the Texas Property Tax Code. Exemptions forms must be requested through the central appraisal district for your country. The forms cannot be obtained at the Mesquite Tax Office. 

*** Total Tax Rate may include other taxing units as shown on the central appraisal district`s website. 

Who To Contact

 Contact Contact Information
 Appraisal & Exemption InformationDallas Central Appraisal District
2949 N Stemmons Freeway
Dallas, TX 75247-6195

Kaufman Central Appraisal District
3950 S Houston St
Kaufman, TX 75142
 Tax Information - City & Mesquite ISDMesquite Tax Office
P.O. Box 850267
Mesquite, TX 75185-0267
 Delinquent TaxesGrimes & Linebarger, LLP
Wells Fargo Building 
120 West Main, Suite 201
Mesquite, TX 75149
Phone: 469-942-2011
Fax: 469-942-2015

For additional information concerning taxpayer`s rights and responsibilities, appraisal district information, to search appraisal roll data or general property tax information visit Dallas Central Appraisal District and Kaufman Central Appraisal District.