Parking Ordinance

The City Council adopted the following amendments related to parking in residential areas. Enforcement of these amendments will begin after January 1, 2021.

  • City Code Section 9-166 was amended to align the definition of a "commercial motor vehicle" with the Texas Transportation code, which classifies vehicles based on Gross Vehicle Weight (GSW).
  • City Code Sections 9-167 and 9-168, prohibit the parking of "commercial or oversized vehicles" in residential areas.
  • City Code Section 9-169, parking of "recreational vehicles or trailers", in any combination are limited to two (2) per single  family lot.

ORDINANCE NO. 4823 Zoning Text Amendment No. 2020- 09

Watch the Oct. 19 City Council Pre-Meeting presentation below:

Click here to view the brochure and learn more about parking in residential districts. This brochure includes an overview of the City Ordinance Amendments for commercial, oversized, recreational vehicles and trailer parking in both English and Spanish.

Parking Ordinance Brochure

Parking Ordinance Brochure