Public Art

Call for Artists
Front Street Station Public Art Opportunity in Downtown Mesquite

The City of Mesquite is pleased to announce a public art opportunity. The City is seeking submissions of original artwork to be considered for a public art project at Front Street Station in Downtown Mesquite. Eight works will be selected; artists whose work is selected will each receive honoraria of $500. Artists have until October 24 to submit their artwork for consideration.

What you do matters message

1. Project Background 

In 2019, construction began on an extensive infrastructure upgrade in Downtown Mesquite. The project, Front Street Station, will provide new underground infrastructure suitable for downtown development in addition to a performance venue, farmers’ market venue, additional parking, landscaping and more. Public art is part of the vision for the area.

2. Artist Eligibility 

  • This Call is open to all artists in Mesquite and surrounding communities.
  • Artists whose work is selected for the project must submit a W9 form to the City of Mesquite.

3. Where and How the Art will be Featured

  • Front Street Station will have four large surrounds built to camouflage Dumpsters placed throughout the area. Each of these surrounds will have 10’x7’ panels upon which art can be mounted.
  • Selected images will be large format digitally printed and mounted to the surrounds. They will be displayed for a minimum of one year.

4. Images That May Be Submitted for Consideration

  • Submitted artwork must be digital versions of existing artwork provided by the artist who owns the copyright, and/or the artwork is not on display permanently in a public location within the Mesquite/Dallas County area.
  • Selected artwork should be scalable to the 10’x7’ size of the panels.
  • We are seeking images that people will positively connect with and will be of interest to those passing by on foot, bicycle or in a vehicle.
  • Submitted artwork must be the exclusive creation of the artist, and the artist must own all rights to the image at the time of submission.
  • Applications and the submitted artwork should be sent to

5. Responsibilities of Selected Artists

  • Artist must be able to provide a final image suitable for large format digital printing.
  • Selected artists are responsible for all costs related to providing the image in a quality format (see below) that can be resized and manipulated in order to be printed and mounted.
  • Image Format: The final format for images should be at least 3000 pixels, and set at a quality of 300dpi or better. PDF and PNG file formats are acceptable.
  • Artists will be consulted over the semi-final layout of their image before printing.
  • Selected artists shall sign an agreement for the scope of services that includes the Intellectual Property terms outlined below.

6. Permissions:

  • If images of people are included, a signed statement stating that you, the artist, have current contact information for those and have written agreement that you have permissions to use these images.
  • If text is included, a signed statement stating that: 1) You, the artist, own the copyright, or 2) the text is in the public domain, or 3) that you have contacted the copyright holder and they have given you a verbal or written agreement that you have permission to use the text.

7. Selection Criteria 

The criteria listed below will be used for evaluating and selecting designs

  • Enhance community identity and place: Is the image meaningful to the city?
  • Contribute to community vitality: Does the image draw people passing by on bikes, on foot, or in cars? Does the image celebrate the city?
  • Involve a broad range of people/communities: Will a broad range of people connect with the image emotionally?
  • Stimulate excellence in urban design and public arts: Is the image engaging and a high-quality concept? Is the image interesting and unique? Is the artwork itself skillfully executed?
  • Value artists and artistic process: Does the image celebrate the range and talent of creative artists living in the city?

8. Selection Process 

  • The project steering committee will conduct a preliminary review of all designs and make recommendations to the Artist Selection Panel.
  • The Artist Selection Panel will conduct a preliminary review of all designs and the Project Steering Committee’s recommendations. The panel reserves the right to reject all submissions and re-issue the RFP.
  • The Artist Selection Panel shall consist of the following:
    •  Mesquite Downtown Development Advisory Board

9. Intellectual Property Terms 

The City of Mesquite shall possess and own the Public Artwork to be provided through the Copyright Act of 1976, 17 U.S.C. Section 101 et. Seq. to the Public Artwork.             

Since the artistic designs leading up to and including the final design and dimensions of the Public Artwork are unique, the Contractor grants to a third party the right to replicate the artistic design and dimensions of the Public Artwork without the written permission of the City of Mesquite.

The Contractor grants the City of Mesquite and its successors or assigns, an irrevocable license to make two-dimensional reproductions of the Public Artwork and the final designs to be used in brochures, media, publicity and catalogs or other similar, non-profit publications. The Public Artwork and designs developed under the contract shall be exclusive property of the City of Mesquite and will be surrendered to contractor upon the completion of the Public Artwork, or upon the cancellation, termination or expiration of this contract. If the Public Artwork prepared under this contract is work or service provided by the Contractor using a proprietary system for which the Contractor has proprietary rights, then City of Mesquite will not own or claim the Public Artworks as City of Mesquite exclusive property. The contractor represents and warrants that said work or service does not and will not infringe upon the proprietary or any intellectual property rights of any other person or entities.

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