Mimosa Lane, Park Avenue, Holley Street and Lakeside Drive


** This project is complete **

December 2, 2020: The contractor has completed all proposed construction and staff is working with the contractor to close out the project.

September 15, 2020: The contractor is pouring the other half of the concrete apron at Galloway on both Mimosa and Park. After this concrete work is complete the contractor will begin the asphalt reclamation process simultaneously on all four streets.

August 26, 2020: Staff held a pre-construction meeting with the contractor on August 20, 2020. The contractor will start work the first week of September by doing minor concrete work on Park and Mimosa. The asphalt reclamation is scheduled to start in mid-September.

August 14, 2020: City Council approved award of construction on July 20, 2020. Staff is currently working to finalize paperwork so the contractor can start. Work is scheduled to begin by early September.

Project Description:

RealTexasRoads LogoThis page is dedicated to street repairs in the Mimosa Lane, Park Avenue, Holley Street and Lakeside Drive areas. Repairs in this neighborhood are funded through the Real. Texas. Roads. program and covers repairs on the following streets:

  • Holley Street from Lakeside Drive to Galloway Avenue
  • Lakeside Drive from Parkview Street to Holley Street
  • Mimosa Lane from Galloway Avenue to Belt Line Road
  • Park Avenue from Galloway Avenue to Belt Line Road

Expected Construction Process - Asphalt Reclamation:

These roads will be repaired using the asphalt reclamation method. Asphalt reclamation involves pulverizing the existing asphalt surface into small pieces and then mixing the pulverized asphalt, base material and a stabilizer (lime, cement or both) to create a new stabilized sub-base. After the material is prepared, a new layer of asphalt is placed on top.

Real. Texas. Roads. is the program name for the road repairs funded by the $125 million bond sale approved by voters in November 2015. Repairs under this program are limited to residential, 2-lane roadways. Click here to see information on the entire program of road repairs.