Palos Verdes Project

The Palos Verdes Lake Dam Restoration Project will provide improved flood control of the lake. For questions and comments, please contact the Curt J. Cassidy, P.E., CFM, Assistant Director Of Public Works - Engineering Services at 972-216-6363 or Click here to read answers to frequently asked questions.

Approximately eight hundred fish, eighty-nine turtles and many mussels & mollusks were successfully relocated during this operation. Several turtles remain as the drained condition of the lake still provides a healthy habitat for turtles. The remaining turtles will naturally migrate downstream to Duck Creek if future conditions in the lake become unfavorable.

Aquatic Wildlife Relocation Timeline

  • April 27 – May 3: Trapped and relocated turtles to a creek south of Lake Lavon.
  • May 4 – 9: McMahon Contracting gradually pumped down the water surface elevation of Palos Verdes Lake so that PondMedics was able to collect, identify, inventory and relocate the “sport fish” to City Lake Park and the “rough fish” to Lake Ray Hubbard, in accordance with the permit issued by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.
  • May 9: McMahon Contracting began excavating into the dam for removal of the existing discharge pipe and is preparing for the construction of the new concrete discharge structure.
excavation work starts at palos Verdes lake
  • August 12: The Palos Verdes Lake dam improvements are now complete and the lake is being refilled. The forecast showed minimal rainfall so McMahon Contracting is refilling the lake by flushing nearby fire hydrants into the storm sewers that discharge into the lake. Filling the lake is necessary to prevent a regrowth of the vegetation that started to grow in the dry lakebed and has recently been removed by the contractor. The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department will restock the lake with fish in mid-October.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is this project about? 

The Texas Commission of Environmental Quality (TCEQ) regulations require the Palos Verdes Lake and Dam must pass 75% of the Probable Maximum Flood without compromising the structural integrity of the dam and spillway.

What will be done to improve the flood control?

This project includes replacing the existing rusted corrugated metal overflow pipe with a new concrete overflow box structure, modifies the emergency spillway to accommodate the required emergency flows, extending the large storm sewer pipe from the downstream face of the dam to Northwest Drive to eliminate the severe erosion occurring in the park near Northwest Drive and the addition of a new parking lot. 

What about the care for the wildlife in the lake?

The fish and turtles relocation during this project is being permitted by Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD). This phase of the project will be the relocation of the aquatic wildlife in the lake, including turtles and fish. This will allow for the safety of the animals while the lake water level is lowered to allow for completion of the flood control improvements. The care of the wildlife will be a high priority and focus during this phase. The relocation of the wildlife is through the guidance and approval of the TPWD. The removal of all aquatic wildlife will be conducted by PondMedics and their certified team of licensed biologists. The turtles will be moved to a creek near Lake Lavon and the fish will be placed at City Lake Park. Click here to read the permit from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department approving the relocation and return of the wildlife.

What happens after the relocation of wildlife?

The construction phase is expected to be completed in June. The lake will be re-stocked with fish in October based on input from PondMedics and the TPWD. In the end, this project will provide the community with assurances of better flood control at Palos Verdes Lake, an enhanced habitat for all the wildlife and improved fishing opportunities at both City Lake Park and Palos Verdes Park. The goal is to allow the lake to fill naturally, from a rain event. Upon completion of the dam reconstruction, potable water will be used to fill Palos Verdes Lake if no measurable rainfall is forecast. Once the lake is filled the water will be tested and treated to ensure an environment is ready for wildlife habitat. 

Who is doing this project? 

The City of Mesquite awarded to McMahon Contracting, LP. the contract for the dam reconstruction. PondMedics will oversee the relocation and return of wildlife to the lake. The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department has issued a permit for the relocation and return of the aquatic wildlife, and will oversee the process for the care of the wildlife.

Palos Verdes Lake Park 3 High View