Special Event Permit

Special Events and Parades Permit

Events Requiring Permit

The City of Mesquite requires permits for most events that involve a large gathering of people on public property, as well as some events on private property. Any event that requires the closing of roads or restricts access to public property, such as a parade or run, will require a permit. Events that have temporary stages or large tents such as carnivals and festivals will also require a permit. Please follow the link below to the ordinance, to view the specific events requiring a permit.

Obtain a Permit

The Special Events and Parades Permit must be applied for through the Building Inspection department 45 days prior to the event in order to ensure that City staff and all required departments have enough time to adequately review the application. The application processing fee ranges from $50-$250 dependent on attendance size. Please review the Guidelines and apply for the permit utilizing the online permitting software. Staff will review your request and provide any required logistical recommendations needed to make the event a success. If you have more questions feel free to contact the Building Inspection department at 972-216-6212.

Additional Information

Special Events and Parades Application Fee

Special Event fee

*The Base Application Fee is not inclusive of additional departmental charges if necessary. 

**Expedited application fee will apply to any event that does not have an application filed in required days in advance of event.


Special Events Permit Guidelines