Real.Texas.Roads. - Indian Trails

This page is dedicated to street repairs in the Indian Trails neighborhood. RealTexasRoads LogoRepairs in this neighborhood are funded through the Real. Texas. Roads. program and covers repairs on the following streets:

  • Osage Trail from Mesquite Valley to Blackfoot Trail
  • Quapaw Trail from Mesquite Valley to Blackfoot Trail
  • Blackfoot Trail from Osage Trail to Quapaw Trail
  • Chippewa Trail from Osage Trail to Quapaw Trail
  • Apache Trail from Osage Trail to Quapaw Trail
  • Seminole Trail from Osage Trail to Quapaw Trial
  • Arapaho Trail from Osage Trail to Quapaw Trail

Streets Inspector Jesse Ortiz will be your project inspector and your primary City contact for the duration of the project. This inspector will be in your area daily, and can be reached at 972-216-6282 (office) or 469-363-1474 (cell) or by email at

Construction Updates: 

September 15, 2020: The contractor is still working to complete the north end of Quapaw Trail, finishing work on Arapaho Trail and has just started Blackfoot Trail.

August 12, 2020: The contractor is wrapping up their work on Edwards Church and should be complete in 2-3 weeks and will then move back in full force into your neighborhood. The contractor is currently working on Seminole and has just started working on the north end of Quapaw Trail.

July 7, 2020: The work has slowed slightly as staff has directed the contractor to move towards Edwards Church Road, which is also included in this contract, so that work can be completed prior to school. The contractor will continue to work and will be back in full force once Edwards Church Road is complete.

May 15, 2020: The contractor has completed one lane on both Chippewa Trail and Apache Trail and is working on sidewalk. They will cycle back around to finish up the other half of the street after the concrete has cured.

May 11, 2020: Contractor is currently working on both Chippewa Trail and Apache Trail.

May 1, 2020: Contractor has begun replacing concrete panels on Chippewa Trail. They are closing the street where possible which will allow them to work faster. The option to close the street in short sections will be used where driveway access is from the alley. The contractor has finished most of the street work in the northbound lane of Quapaw Trail and after those concrete panels have cured, they will come back to finish the southbound lane.

April 27, 2020: Construction was started on April 13, 2020 on Quapaw Trail. Currently, the contractor is finishing up work in the northbound lane on Quapaw Trail between Mesquite Valley and Seminole Trail and beginning to work in the eastbound lane of Chippewa Trail from Osage Trail to Quapaw Trail.

April 8, 2020: Initial notification regarding upcoming construction was distributed to all residents located on a street that would be worked on. Click here to see the notification.

Expected Construction Process - Full Depth Concrete Repair at Select Locations :

City staff will determine what areas of the street and sidewalk are in moderate to severe condition and the concrete at those locations will be removed and new reinforced concrete will be poured at those locations. The concrete identified for replacement will vary in size and length. After the concrete is removed and replaced, the contractor will grade, place sod and clean up the area disturbed by the construction. 

Real. Texas. Roads. is the program name for the road repairs funded by the $125 million bond sale approved by voters in November 2015. Repairs under this program are limited to residential, 2-lane roadways. Click here to see information on the entire program of road repairs.