Project Porch Light

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A safe and engaged community requires everyone to do their part

We are excited to announce the launch of PROJECT PORCH LIGHT! This is an exciting initiative to connect neighbors and promote engagement among our Mesquite community.

Engaged citizens make the best neighbors! The City will provide door hangers that can be used as a reason to knock on doors in and around you and speak to your neighbors. 

Let them know who you are and why it’s important to be engaged and get to know one another. Do not get discouraged if some encounters don’t go as planned, but each interaction can make all the difference.

These are talking points you can use when meeting with your neighbors:

  • Promote the continual illumination of porch lights, landscape lights or front window lights to discourage criminal activity in your neighborhoods.
  • Encourage the neighbors that you speak with to call in any suspicious activity or to report any concerns to the City via the new “myMesquite” application. You can also contact the Mesquite Police Department Non-Emergency phone number at 972-285-6336.
  • Become a neighborhood leader or attend neighborhood meetings to get active in your neighborhood.

The hope is these “talking points” will help foster a stronger community. The talking points can be found on the door hanger that is provided. For this effort, the City of Mesquite will be tracking where the door hangers are distributed and will be analyzing data within those neighborhoods to measure the success of deterring crime.

For individuals requesting door hangers, we ask that they target a small area, in and around their home or on their block. Door hangers can be picked up at the Environmental Code Office located at 1515 N. Galloway or at the Neighborhood Vitality Office located at 1616 N. Galloway, between the hours of 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM. 

We can also arrange to have the door hangers delivered to you by our Code Ambassadors. Click here to register.

Office of Neighborhood Vitality | | 972-216-6348

Door Hanger Sample:

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