Delivery of Briefing and Al Día Newspapers

​List of ways to contact Distributor:

  • Emails:,, These inboxes are monitored daily during business hours.
  • Telephone: ALD 469.977.3740 Toll Free 866.933.1313 --BRF 214.977.8333. Phone lines are answered 24 hours a day through an IVR system [interactive voice response] or during business hours via live customer care representative.
  • Website: and
  • Social Media:

Distributor Expectations:

  • Distribution of Briefing and Al Día newspapers are handled by experienced Independent Contractors that also handle delivery of The Dallas Morning News.  The newspapers want to hear about your delivery issues and so they publish contact information prominently in-paper and on the plastic delivery bag.
  • Home Delivery of BRF and ALD is address specific [not a saturation model]
  • The delivery route carriers are expected to deliver in a timely matter, to monitor for pile-up patterns, and for quality lawn/driveway placement
  • Carriers are expected to submit timely “stops” at addresses that are vacant, inaccurate, or that are For Sale

Delivery Promise Commitment:

  • The Distributor's aim is to satisfy delivery concerns through effective collaboration with HOA leaders, City Municipality contacts, citizens, and readers. All of these people like the promptness in which we, the Distributor, strive to solve issues. The Distributors want to know that readers of these newspapers are engaged and that the Independent Contractors regularly handle new starts, permanent stops, vacation stops, check for pile-ups, etc. We, the Independent Contractors, cover the Distributor expectations with them.
  • The Distributor discuss how most carriers use tablet devices to deliver their routes. This contributes to accuracy. The Distributor emphasize the address specific nature of delivery [vs. random saturation]. 
  • Sharing this level of detail and how we, the Distributor, strive to solve recurring issues helps build our relationship with the community. Many people have become friends of BRF and friends of ALD throughout the years.