Mesquite Preservation Foundation

Mesquite Preservation Foundation is a non-profit organization formed to manage funds donated to historic preservation in the city of Mesquite.

These funds are carefully invested and managed by a Board of Trustees selected from among the citizens and businesspeople of Mesquite, as well as Directors from Historic Mesquite, Inc.

The principal is maintained into perpetuity for future maintenance, preservation, protection, and furnishing of the properties managed by Historic Mesquite, including the Florence Ranch Homestead and the Opal Lawrence Historical Park.

These properties were given to the city of Mesquite by founding families with the expectation of them being available for the education and enjoyment of future visitors. Make your tax deductible donation by calling 972-216-6468.

2019 Officers, Board of Trustees

  • Jeff Armstrong, Chairman
  • Lynn Rockwood, Vice Chair
  • Janice Houston, Secretary
  • Peggy Brooks, Treasurer


  • Roger Foltz
  • Elaine Whitlock

Administrator to the Trustees:

    Becky Allen