2019 City Council Candidate Packet

The City of Mesquite will be conducting a General Election on Tuesday, November 5, 2019, to elect the positions of Mayor and Councilmembers representing Places 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. The City Secretary's Office has prepared a candidate's packet to assist interested residents in running for elected office.  

Filing Period

The City Secretary's Office will accept applications at the Municipal Center located at 1515 N. Galloway, Mesquite, Texas, as follows:
  • First day to file for office - Monday, July 22, 2019, 8:00 a.m.
  • Last day to file for office - Monday, August 19, 2019, 5:00 p.m.

Candidate Packet

  1. Requirements for Candidacy
  2. City Council District Map
  3. List of Precincts and Polling Places (to be provided at a later date)
  4. Candidate’s Election Calendar 
  5. First Steps for Candidates Running for a City Office
  6. * Application for Place on Ballot (English and Spanish)
  7. * Petition
  8. Instruction Guide for Form CTA – Appointment of a Campaign Treasurer by a Candidate
  9. * Form CTA (Appointment of a Campaign Treasurer by a Candidate)
  10. * Acceptance of Nomination
  11. Fair Campaign Practices Act
  12. * Form CFCP (Code of Fair Campaign Practices) (Optional)
  13. * Release of Personal Information Form
  14. Political Activities by City Employees
  15. Unauthorized Use of City Logo Prohibited
  16. Political Sign Regulations (Revised per Ordinance No. 4696)
  17. Texas Department of Transportation – Rules for Posting Campaign Signs
  18. Political Advertising and Campaign Communications from Texas Ethics Commission
  19. Handbill Information – Chapter 10 of the City Code Book
  20. Open Records/Open Meetings Training
  21. Reporting Dates – Contributions and Expenditures
  22. Texas Ethics Commission, Title 15, Election Code
  23. Instruction Guide for Form PFS – Personal Financial Statement
  24. Form PFS (Personal Financial Statement)
  25. Campaign Finance Filing Guide for Local Candidates
  26. Instruction Guide for Form C/OH – Candidate/Officeholder Campaign Finance Report
  27. Form C/OH (Candidate/Officeholder Campaign Finance Report)
  28. Booklet – Form of Government
*Required to be filed with the City Secretary's Office during the filing period

Additional Information


Signatures of 25 qualified voters are required for a valid petition. A qualified voter is a person who is registered to vote in the City of Mesquite at the time of signing the petition and the time of filing the said petition. It is a good practice to obtain more than the required number of signatures in the event that some signatures may be rejected during the validation process. All petition pages must be turned in at the time of filing for office.

Campaign Finance Reports

Questions regarding reporting procedures, contributions or expenditures should be directed to the Texas Ethics Commission at 1-800-325-8506 or 512-463-5800. The duties of the City Secretary are limited to accepting and filing the various applications, affidavits and statements. It is outside of the City Secretary's authority to review the reports for correctness or to advise filers regarding the content of reports.