SWEEP Pilot Program

Solid Waste Education and Enforcement Program

SWEEP is a new, two-pronged approach to address the trash disposal problems in our neighborhoods. The pilot program will be tested in a portion of the Town East Estates neighborhood. The idea with SWEEP is that staff will make a concerted effort to educate residents about the solid waste ordinances and proper trash disposal procedures and then follow-up those efforts with increased enforcement activity.

SWEEP is a new concept for the City. Residents are encouraged to reach out to the City with comments and observations about the pilot program by either leaving a comment about the program or by calling (972) 216-6276.

To leave a comment or question about SWEEP, click here

To view a copy of the SWEEP letter sent to a portion of the Town East Estates neighborhood, click here. To view the door hanger, click here for the Spanish version and click here for the English version.